If you are looking for veneers in Pasadena or the surrounding area, our dental group is more than happy to help you get started.  Indeed, cosmetic dentistry at Premier Care Dental Group focuses on improving the aesthetic appeal of your teeth through procedures that restore or replace the lost luster and beauty of your teeth. Among the more popular and longer-lasting options are veneers, which can be thought of as prosthetic shields that cover the entire face of an unsightly tooth. Made of natural-appearing porcelain, veneers are nearly identical in appearance to natural teeth but offer significant protection against further damage without the need for a replacement.

What Veneers Can Do For You

If you need veneers then you are likely suffering from some level of embarrassment over your teeth. Luckily, veneers can hide issues such as discoloration, chips, large gaps, and stains while helping to protect the rest of the tooth from further damage. Naturally, you still have to practice good dental hygiene, but veneers do provide a protective barrier that reduces the chances of tooth decay and other problems.

On another note, veneers offer a clear advantage over other cosmetic procedures in that they can often be applied in a single dental visit. Aside from the tooth or teeth in question being otherwise healthy, there are generally no other requirements for veneers and their application is usually reasonably quick and easy.

In short, these are but a few of the advantages of veneers:

  • Can hide ordinary wear and tear as well as natural discoloration due to aging
  • Can hide chipped or broken teeth (provided the damage is not too severe; otherwise a crown or implant may be more appropriate)
  • Cover stains and discoloration caused by certain medications, frequent consumption of foods or drinks like coffee, tea, and wine, and more
  • Appear natural due to translucent porcelain construction
  • Protect teeth from additional staining or minor damage

Want to Get Started?

If you are looking to improve the look of your teeth, we encourage you to call the number on your screen or visit our contact page for more information. At Premier Care Dental Group, our patients come first.