Missing teeth can be a painful and embarrassing condition, but filling in the gaps does not have to be. Premier Care Dental Group has a long history of installing tooth implants in Pasadena in happy patients living in the San Gabriel Valley.

In replacing a lost tooth, patients are not only defeating the social stigma of having visible teeth. Missing teeth can cause a host of health problems like jaw bone atrophy, infections and gum disease, and even cardiovascular complications. The former can lead to further social embarrassment, but the latter can be exceptionally dangerous, and even fatal if left unchecked. However, the dentists and dental professionals are well trained and determined to treat their patients expertly and make sure that these potential issues are as limited as possible.

Dental implants are installed by attaching a fake root, typically metal in nature, in a minor surgical procedure. A temporary prosthetic tooth is then attached to the new root and over time, the metal root will fuse to the patient’s bone. At this point, the temporary prosthetic tooth can be removed and a permanent false tooth is installed instead. There are several options in terms of what these dental implants can look at and the dentists and dental professionals at Premier Care Dental Group will be happy to go over what choices may be best for you.

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