Pasadena-based Premier Care Dental Group comments on a recent article that patients should take note when they experience adverse oral symptoms as these are indicators of illnesses that may go beyond the mouth.

Pasadena, CA – A February 27 article on Express reports that a plethora of adverse oral conditions such as bleeding gums and chronic bad breath – symptoms typical of gum disease – can also be early signs of type 2 diabetes. Diabetics are three times as likely to suffer from tooth decay; it’s thought that high blood sugar levels may damage the blood vessels that supply nutrition to teeth. When these blood vessels are damaged, the nutrition supply is cut off and teeth typically begin to atrophy. Pasadena-based Premier Care Dental Group says that patients who practice good dental hygiene yet still suffer symptoms should immediately visit a dentist to see if periodontal care is needed but also to look for signs of systemic health problems such as diabetes.

Of course, it’s important to practice good preventive care as it can head off a multitude of problems. The dental group says that excellent dental hygiene starts with brushing teeth for about two minutes, at least 15 to 30 minutes after every meal. This serves two purposes: one, patients are giving themselves enough time to cover every surface of their teeth, and two, by waiting up to half an hour to brush they are giving their teeth enamel a chance to properly re-mineralize. The group adds that patients should use a soft bristle brush and clean gently, as harsh actions can actually damage gums and enamel.

Premier Care Dental Group says that flossing and using a mouth wash is also good because it allows individuals to reach areas that may otherwise be inaccessible to a toothbrush. Gaps between teeth typically harbor pockets of bacteria and food debris that can fester if left unchecked. The group notes that flossing can remove stray particles of food while a mouthwash can disinfect the area.

The dental group says that if patients are experiencing negative oral symptoms despite taking excellent care of their teeth, these could be symptoms of a serious ailment. Visiting a dentist regularly for checkups is important regardless, but in cases such as these, there is much greater urgency. The group says that a dentist can look for signs of conditions such as gum disease or the more severe periodontitis. Periodontal issues have been linked to a multitude of life-threatening illnesses beyond diabetes, such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

Premier Care Dental Group says that patients would do well to visit their dentist at the onset of symptoms, and for good measure, visit their medical doctor as well to ensure that their oral symptoms are not linked to a bodily ailment. Simply put, the group says that waiting too long can put patients in unnecessary danger.

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