If you’re looking for orthodontics in Pasadena, you’re likely worried about the appearance of your smile. Crooked teeth, tooth gaps, and other misalignments can hamper anyone’s self-confidence – but did you know that misaligned teeth can also threaten your oral wellbeing?

Orthodontics Improve the Appearance of Teeth….

Many patients look for orthodontal treatments like braces purely for cosmetic reasons, unaware that they’re also saving themselves from potentially serious oral ailments later in life.

…But Orthodontics Also Serve a Medical Purpose!

Misaligned teeth distribute pressure and impact forces unevenly, which means there’s a lot more strain placed on some teeth over others. Eventually, this excess strain can lead to chipped teeth or tooth fractures; that can make the affected tooth (or teeth) vulnerable to more serious ailments like infection and decay.

In turn, these new ailments may require more invasive treatments like a root canal or even oral surgery. However, by opting for orthodontal treatment before a break occurs, patients reduce the odds of a stress fracture – saving them a lot of pain, time, and money.

Premier Care Dental Group Offers Orthodontics in Pasadena

Premier Care Dental Group offers orthodontics for both adults and teenagers. We can treat misaligned teeth to prevent related ailments and dramatically improve the look of your smile!

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