Patients searching for Invisalign and dental braces in Pasadena will be happy to know that Premier Care Dental Group offers exceptional orthodontic care for all its patients. Providing both traditional and newer options, no patient will feel left out. As a top tier dental group, our orthodontics experts are ready and able to start you on a journey to straighter teeth.

Traditional dental braces make use of metal brackets and wires to gradually shift your teeth into a better alignment. Modern metal braces are far more effective than previous iterations and can generally be taken off sooner. Metal braces tend to be less problematic for youngsters who are not overly concerned with the change in appearance.

On the other hand, some patients may prefer Invisalign aligners for their similar results yet inconspicuous appearance. These clear aligners are removable – perfect for mealtime and cleanings –

and tend to be the preferred option for adults who do not want to deal with other types of braces that might be considered cumbersome.

Why Braces are Important

Patients who do not care about the appearance of their teeth may still want to consider some form of braces, as severely misaligned teeth can cause problems that go beyond aesthetics; especially if their teeth are continuing to shift out of alignment. Misaligned teeth tend to wear down faster as disproportionate amounts of pressure bear down on specific teeth and the jaw. Eventually, if left untreated, this can cause painful and costly complications.

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