If you need orthodontics in Pasadena, there’s no better choice than Premier Care Dental Group.

Our dental center and staff are equipped with the best orthodontal equipment and techniques available so our patients can enjoy exceptional care and fantastic results. When you choose us as your orthodontal care provider, you’re investing in your teeth that you can appreciate for a lifetime!

What Does a Pasadena Orthodontist Do?

Our Pasadena orthodontist is well experienced in determining if patients’ teeth are correctly positioned and can prescribe the best course of action in the event of a harmful misalignment.

Misaligned teeth can become more than just a cosmetic issue as they can also cause stress fractures, excessive strain on the surrounding muscles and soft tissues, and lead to TMJ. Our orthodontist in Pasadena can catch any harmful alignment issues well before they develop in children or put patients on a correction course to alleviate undue pain and discomfort.


When most people think of orthodontics, they of course think of braces. At Premier Care Dental Group, we offer both Invisalign aligners and traditional braces.

Patients who prefer the subtle approach of nearly-invisible clear aligners will be happy to choose Invisalign as their teeth-straightening hardware. These aligners are generally regarded as more comfortable and can even be removed before eating.

However, some patients like the metal wire-and-bracket approach of traditional braces and consider them something of a rite of passage. Regardless, metal braces are a proven method of achieving correctly aligned teeth.

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