Dental implants offer plenty of benefits when it comes to literally filling in for missing or compromised teeth. At Premier Care Dental Group, we encourage you to reach out to us for exceptional care and results if you are interested in dental implants to replace teeth you’ve lost or which you are likely to need extracted.

Whether you’re looking to replace a missing or broken tooth, there’s no better dental group to visit when you’re searching Pasadena for dental implants.

What Do Dental Implants Do?

Dental implants mimic more than just the appearance of an original tooth; they also perform the same functions. You might think that’s just about eating, but your teeth can also affect your speech, and the natural stimulation they provide your jawbone is actually what keeps your jaw healthy.

The hard tissue of your jaw needs the stimulation that your teeth provide when you chew to continue generating healthy tissue. If that stimulation stops, then your jawbone can begin to shrink. Over time, this can lead to a malformed or even shrunken jaw as well as more lost teeth.

Dental implants replace lost stimulation on the jawbone, significantly reducing the risk of shrinking. Beyond that, dental implants of course allow patients to eat and live before their oral health problems began. Oftentimes, missing teeth can hold us back in both our careers and social lives due to embarrassment. Dental implants not only fill in gaps, but they also help you return to day to day life more confidently.

Possibly the loved benefit of dental implants, though, is their permanence and convenience. Unlike other dental prosthetics, there’s virtually no risk that an implant will slip, fall out, or shift. Even better, once the implant is fully in place and healed, there’s usually no need to avoid certain hard foods, such as nuts, that could harm a prosthetic.

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