Dental implants are meant to replace missing or extracted teeth. They look like natural teeth and are essentially permanent, but do they offer any benefits beyond filling in for lost teeth? Yes!

Dental Implants Are a Permanent Solution for Tooth Loss

The most obvious benefit of dental implants is that there’s no need to remove them once they’re installed. While traditional dentures are prone to slipping or shifting while you eat or speak, dental implants stay in place.

Aside from occasional maintenance, dental implants can also last for decades.

Dental Implants Seal Open Wounds, Which May Reduce the Risk of Infection

If you lose a tooth, it’s close to having an open wound in your mouth. Bacteria and debris can get lodged in the open pocket left by the missing tooth, dramatically increasing the risk of infection and subsequent complications.

At a minimum, an open pocket in the mouth needs to be thoroughly cleaned often to reduce the chances of festering bacteria. Alternatively, a dental implant can seal an open pocket, much like a dental crown or veneer shields a vulnerable tooth from further damage.

Dental Implants May Also Reduce Bone Loss in the Jaw

Your natural teeth stimulate bone tissue generation in the jaw.

If you lose a tooth, tissue generation in that section of the jaw may cease or slow down. Over time, this can lead to deformation or weakness in the jaw.

No dental prosthetic can perfectly mimic this stimulation, but dental implants m ay at least limit how quickly jawbone tissue degrades. Instead of degrading after a period of weeks to months, it may take years or even decades before further treatment is needed.

Premier Care Dental Care Offers Dental Implants

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